Wild Wild Country

With Ma Anand Sheela, Osho, Philip Toelkes, Jane Stork. When Osho, the world’s most controversial guru, builds an Utopian city deep in the Oregon country, conflict with the locals escalates into a national scandal.

The first 5 episodes of this six episode mini series set up how absolutely insane the local people went when too many ‘cultists’ came to their town, with the federal government getting in on the action at the very end, in what appears to me to be an obscene and actionable overreach that should have resulted in the arrest and conviction of several federal employees who had no business doing what they did. The absolutely insane charges that they brought against Holy Osho and his beloved followers had no basis for being handled the way they were, and I don’t think anyone’s been charged the way they were since then. Turns out though that when the G-Men came to kick over every rock they could find, they found some pretty shitty stuff was going on in the compound, so after the fact their ominous warnings of Satanic influence were wrong, but they were right about the attempted murder and bioweapons attacks.

Osho died back in India after his expulsion from the US, which I guess isn’t the worst thing in the world, he seemed to be planning his death before he left, so was able to follow through with his plans when he returned to his birth country.

What a shame America wasn’t able to do the right thing then, and hasn’t improved much since then, the ends definitely do not justify the means in this case and I wonder how much better we’d be off if the country on the whole had been properly exposed to his messages.

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