Malcolm & Marie

Directed by Sam Levinson. With John David Washington, Zendaya. A director and his girlfriend’s relationship is tested after they return home from his movie premiere and face each other’s turmoil during one long night.

There’s a hilarious scene in which Malcom is eating Mac and Cheese, but instead of using a spoon like a normal person, he’s stabbing it with a fork. The rest of the film is just as detached from reality as that one scene, but that’s the best one to highlight. I need to be clear, I loved the movie, both Zendaya and John David Washington were amazing in their roles, but they were playing some real shithead characters that didn’t have any idea how nice they had it in their $4,000,000 home and $1,000 clothing while eating their $4 mac and cheese, and treated each other like they were meth head psychotics bouncing from highs and lows multiple times in the same scene.

Something I didn’t appreciate about the film was the film grain noise, there were several times where I straight up through it was raining in the scene, but it ended up just being the super noisy way they filmed the movie.

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