4002 A.D., Earth has repelled the Malev Invasion, but now humanity must contend with an invasion of a different sort from the PSI-Lords! These 41st century successors to the modern day H.A.R.D. Corps, powered by nanotech implants that give them access to the full array of Harbinger abilities, have returned to Earth and nothing will be the same again!

I read about 3 pages of the book before I realized they were doing a gimmick, so I went to ebay and bought the “Valiant Vision” starter pack that came with a pair of these amazing glasses that pop colors into the forefront or rear of the page you’re looking at. Visually it’s an amazing experience, but unfortunately it requires extremely large fonts for words to be read. The starter pack has those larger fonts and the whole thing works extremely well…. In that one book.

In the Psi-Lords book though, they did not use the larger fonts and the words are impossibly distorted and completely illegible. The art still looks cools, so for the 3 issues of the series that had the Valiant Vision, I read the story first, then flipped back through it with these amazingly dorky looking glasses on.

As for the story, the series suffered from the same problem that many modern serialized comics do, in that the first three issues were self contained, then there’s a crossover with 15 issues that happens off screen, then the series picks right back up with little to no mention of the story that was happening before the universe altering storyline happened. I was actually pretty interested in the original story, the Psi-lords were building a Dyson Sphere around Sol System, all without the natural humans from knowing what was happening.

No resolution to that plot though, oh wel.

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