Star Trek the Next Generation Interactive VHS Board Game (Video Game 1995) – IMDb

Directed by Les Landau. With Robert O’Reilly, Jonathan Frakes. Board game based on Star Trek: The Next Generation TV series. A VHS tape with angry Enterprise hijacker, warmongering Klingon warrior Kavok, giving instructions on what each player must do during the game is provided with the game.

You might think you’re about to play a game with Gowron, but alas, this is not the leader of the Klingon Empire, just a misguided idiot Klingon warrior who steals the Enterprise in an attempt to start a war to return his brothers to glorious battle. The game itself is pretty fun, though I wonder if there’s any amount of replayabilty here. My wife and I played it once and I felt like we were wiped out afterwards, it was a pretty emotional journey, but we ultimately saved the ship and I was awarded a medal of honor for my bravery in the face of such a horrifying situation.

I actually broke out my VCR to play this too. There’s a couple youtube uploads (which I’ve downloaded) so in the future I’m going to just play it there on my big screen instead of my VCR routed through my laptop via a USB video capture card.

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