2020 TGIOKDI Year In Review

Was 2020 any better than 2019?  In many ways no, a global pandemic has killed nearly 2,000,000 people worldwide, and our own elected officials have shown that they’re pretty much helpless and hopeless when faced with these big issues.  On that front, the federal election happened and Trump is going to be sent scampering back to his dog house, but here in Florida the republicans have held onto power, all while the republican governor shows again and again that he’s uncomfortable with dealing with the problems and continues night and day to do the wrong things nearly every time he’s given the opportunity.

On a personal front though, 2020 was a success, I’ve paid down debts, saved up money, and due to some work from home mandates, my todo checklist has never been longer, but that’s just because I’m able to see what need to get to-done now, instead of just feeling done with the world when I get back home from working in a fabric cubical all day long.

Part of being at home more meant that I was able to consume a big more media too:

  • 81 books, way up from 2019’s “10 books”, but this is because I was smarter about logging the books and included storyline collections that I had previously purchased at comic shows.
  • 20 video games, up from 13
  • 232 movies, a fair bit down from last year’s 310.  Why fewer?  Maybe I played more games, read more books, or did more home projects!
  • 41 seasons of television shows, which wasn’t a metric that I tracked in 2019, but based on the review posts I had in that year, that’s about average.

For home projects, I was able to repair a great many things, repaid where those repairs happened, then add all sorts of shelfs and hangers in my home office.  For internet stuff, last year I launched PLM which has had it’s best month, every month, for the last 12 months, so as long as that keeps happening, I’ll be real happy.   I’ll be super happier when I figure out how to monetize the dang thing! This year I launched Postcard.Cafe where you can have a hand written post card sent to the person of your choosing, the monetization is much clearer for a site like that, obviously.

Due to the pandemic, no shows happened at all this year, which hurts because I was just starting to get into going to them, even working the nerve to go to a Star Trek convention, let’s hope that 2021 bring better news and we can all get out of the house much more.  I say that, but we did end up taking a week long vacation to North Carolina where we sat around fire pits and drank beers, so that was nice!

I note that last year I mentioned I had fixed my laptop, well in 2020 I straight up replaced it with the pandemic Trump Bucks that he sent out to make people like him, all the way back in March.  Turns out that $1,200 doesn’t buy a lot of loyalty when that’s all you do for an entire year instead of fixing the economy or preventing more people from dying.

A personal achievement / goal of mine in 2021 is to blog more, which isn’t to say “post shit to the internet” because I’m a well qualified shitposter, I mean actual legitimate content that other people won’t regret reading and might even pass on to others.  I’ve started doing this on my own site with a system involving images and my camera roll, we’ll see how long that process survives.

To that end, I’ve reviewed the year’s blog posts and see that I forgot to mention that one of my cats died.  She’d been with me for a long while, she should have had plenty of time left, but something got to her, most likely cancer, and she just wasted away.  That was not a fun month when we realized how quickly she was going down hill, but I think we made the right decision by putting her down when we did.

My goals and comments from 2019 still stand:

Goals for 2020:

  • be less sad
  • do more things outside of the house
  • drink less beer? this seems like something I should say but I don’t feel like saying it.

Looking at my goals from 2019, I’ve done none of them and have slid backwards on nearly all of them.

Tiki God


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