December 6th, 2020 Blog

2020 12 03 December 6th, 2020 Blog

our foster failure continues to improve on her cuteness game.

2020 11 30 15.42.48 rotated December 6th, 2020 Blog

the city came out and trimmed the trees, but didn’t call me before they did this beforehand, even though their manager promised they would. is dangerously close to being added to the blacklist due to this colossal error that wasted several people’s time.


2020 12 03 19.50.45 December 6th, 2020 Blog

We bought our first christmas tree ever.  it’s fiber optic and looks really cool, it automatically cycles between two soothing and appropriate patterns, and two patterns that are spastic and completely not appropriate for the the holiday at all.  I can’t really complain too much more, it was only a $80 tree and I think it’ll work for what we’re wanting to do with it, which is for the tree to act as a cat trap and something to yell at when we’re bored.

If I had three hundred bucks though, I’d get a fiber optic tree that was programable, but that’s a ton of money to spend on a tree that we’re only going to have out once a year, right? Maybe I can just take this one apart and see what makes it tick.

No pictures to talk about this next point though, we managed to capture one of the outdoor cats that have been living under our deck for the last month, it’s going to the vet tomorrow to see if it’s pregnant, and if not, if it’s fixed yet.

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