The 18th Race

The Complete Saga of the 18th Race Series in One Omnibus Edition We are not alone! In exploring and colonizing the galaxy, humanity discovers evidence of eighteen sentient species. Seventeen of them had not developed interstellar travel. Those were destroyed by the species that did reach the stars. That space-faring eighteenth annihilated the human colony on the Semi-Autonomous World Troy. A Marine Force Recon platoon sent to investigate is wiped out almost to the last man. In reaction, the North American Union assembles the largest army seen since the major wars of the 20th Century. Things seem grim for Troy and its defenders as a new Duster fleet arrives and attacks the remaining warships of Task Force 8, in orbit before landing a huge invasion army meant to defeat the Human forces. And back on Earth, the NAU President must decide humanity’s next course of action, even as scientists try to discover the Dusters’ secrets to help the soldiers, sailors, and Marines win- -and time is running out!

This is an omnibus of three novel length stories and one mini novella stuck between books 2 and 3. The first book is awkward and feel like something that I would have written myself back in high school, the second story feels like something that one of my favorite authors would have written when THEY were in high school, then that third book felt like a fully fleshed out story that really did it for me. It was only $7 on the publisher’s site, so I ordered it directly from them, which turned into a bit of a thing because their store wasn’t exactly configured for ebook sales, but since they’re a smaller publisher I was able to speak directly to them and get the situation figured out and the book into my hands.

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