I got a fitbit charge 4

So far, it’s perfectly meh. Naturally, I do have some complaints:

  • It only uses spotify, no other media controls, which feels arbitrary and offensive.  I’m not signing up for yet another music service when I have nearly 2,000 mp3s that I legally own
  • The weather applet is completely broken.  I already have weather on my phone, so this doesn’t really matter, but if you advertise the function, might as well be able to use it, right?
  • Alarms are configured on device now and not on your phone, which is a change for the worse considering what hoops you have to jump through.  I smart though, so I jumped through the hoops 5 different times because I’m actually not as smart as I wish I was.
  • loss of physical button on the side.  I didn’t think I’d miss this as much as I do, but it’s a touch button now that works about half the time I touch it 🙁
  • some config is on device, some config is on app, which is which is arbitrary and it’s not clear at all where to do much of anything.
  • There’s GPS on the device itself, but I’m unclear what that’s actually for and how to use it.
  • There’s no introductory page or instructions that came with the device, so I had to fly my own route in learning the upgrade paths.

All those complaints aside, I bought it originally because I wanted to track my activity levels, my heart rate, and see what the time was.  It’s doing those jobs just fine and I’ve been assured that the battery life will be longer, maybe, depends on what other functions I use.

Tiki God


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  1. Tiki God says:

    Just found out that there’s absolutely no indicator on the device or on the app when it’s charging or not.

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