November 1st, 2020 Blog

One of my cats, Fat cat, is no longer a fat cat, but has lost 2/3 of her weight in the last 6 months and has had uncontrolable diahhrea for two or three months of that time. We didn’t really catch it because we were using a cat genie, but she started getting really particular about how clean the litter bin was and having incidences outside of the confines of the automated pooper scooper.  We’ve taken her to the vet about 3 or 4 times now and she continues to lose weight and become more and more lethargic.  She’s now to the point that she’s refusing to eat dry food and will only eat cat food “Mousse”, which I didn’t even know was a thing until this all happened.  I’m saddened by this and hope that she turns it around and gets better, but I’m not sure what else can be done.

In other news, the shift in time because of DST going away has yet again kicked my ass.  I look forward to having a messed up sleep schedule for the next 3 weeks while I adjust.  I had high hopes that we were finally going to stop doing this when a couple bills were introduced, but it turns out that the Republicans just can’t get anything done, even when they had all three branches of the government, and especially now that they only have 2 of the three and have to play nice with their opposition.


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