Starship Down

Government and religious agencies clash as our understanding of human history collapses when a UFO discovered in a confidential location in a Russian mining operation calls into question the origin of humanity. A cultural anthropologist consults with US Naval Intelligence to investigate the discovery of an extraterrestrial ship buried under the ice for thousands of years in Siberia. The meddling Russians, Vatican officials, the international media spotlight, and her own insecurities all threaten her efforts to keep the fabric of society from crumbling as mankind discovers its startling origin.

I was really hoping for more than what this ended up being, It’s definitely not a bad comic, but it feels more like the outline of a great comic. Normally I’m all for short and to the point stories, but this could have used another 8 issues with a background on the UFO and the aliens that originally drove it, how humanity reacted to the news, and what exactly was going on with the Vatican.

Good, but don’t pay the full price.

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Tiki God


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