I voted for the 2020 Election!

2020 vote status I voted for the 2020 Election!

I have officially voted in the 2020 General Election.  I’ve always voted by mail, but this year when the ballot and it’s return envelope were delivered, it was raining pretty hard.  My mail box is slightly angled the wrong way, so of course the one piece of mail that day that I needed to keep dry was soaked! By the time I was able to open the slip and get everything out the return envelope was already sealed from the moisture, and my attempts to gently open it were much more destructive than I had hoped.

I ended up going down to the election office and asking for a new envelope and returned my ballot right there.  It took longer to drive to the office than it did to walk in, ask for it, get it, stuff it, seal it, then shove it in a box.  Leon county has a fantastic elections office and I couldn’t speak better of them, I’m very happy with how the process went.

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