2020 Vacation


In theory, the pictures above are in order of my notes, but maybe not:

Arrived Tuesday, ate cincinatti chilli, then some delicious cake!
Lego set and minifig for burthday
I Broke a camping chair, first indicator of the trip that I’m too fat.
Wednesday Flowering bridge after walmart to replace the chair so I could continue to sit around the campfire
Thursday waterfall and river walk. They were ok.
Friday Apple orchid, apple stand, fried fritters, lot of idiots without masks, tried to keep our distance.
Saturday climbed mountain, got a badge, but realized that I’m so completely out of shape that I need to make changes.
Camp fires every night, along with beer.
Sunday travel to park to meet friends, very nice park, very nice friends, all next to a very fast river.
Arrived at gorgeous cabin, it’s fantastic and I think I’m going to upload the video of how to get there soon.
Monday overlook that sucked
Soku means ambush?  Tons of stuff named that in this area
The first overlook that we went too was not an overlook at all, but just a car park next to a road.  it sucked.  The second one though, that definitely did not suck at all, it was amazing.
Cherokee reservation.  I’ve been through the touristy areas here before and it was still pretty touristy.
Waterfall, not as much walking, but another reminder that I’m way out of shape.
Soku waterfall.  easier walk down and much prettier.
Frog brewery, we sitting at a river side bar and were the only people there.  Their beers were fantastic.
Jack the dipper for ice cream with fresh made waffle bowl, it was fantastic.
Tuesday clingmans dome, my final reminder that I’m way out of shape and need to make changes.  The pictures from this, you can see that we’re above the clouds!

I’m changing my diet and starting to walk more.  There’s a treadmill in the mail that should be delivered soon.

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