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This article by Brian Feldman is over two years old at this point, and they still have this absolutely unacceptable problem with their mapping system.  To summarize: if you’re on a trip and google finds a better route, it automatically changes your route to that new one with little or no warning.  If you’re in your hometown and you know the areas, fine, but if you’re on an eight hour trip across three different states that you haven’t been to in over 20 years, that’s a huge problem.

In my case, it took me from an eastern route that I chose while in Tallahassee on my way to eastern North Carolina, then sometime during the trip, it rerouted me through the middle of fucking Atlanta, right in the middle of rush hour.  If my wife hadn’t tried to check the route using her different mapping app, we would have been stuck in whatever ATL had to offer at 5pm.

For that, among several other reasons, Google Maps has gone on my permanent Black List and I’ll not be using it, nor it’s hip cousin “Waze”.  That leaves me with only a few options, but nothing is worse than being intentionally fucked with by some algorithm on my phone.

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