Valérian #1

Valérian and Laureline, spatio-temporal Galaxity agents, are playing chess when they’re called by the head of the space-time department. They’re told that Xombul has escaped from prison taking with him a space-time spaceship. He is located in New York in 1986, where the world is experiencing a global collapse, a cataclysm: the explosion of an H bomb in the Arctic is changing the climate of the Earth. Valérian heads off in search of Xombul.

Amazon gave me #1, #25, and some other random issue of this series, of which I had no experience with. I was somewhat interested in the character and universe because of the movie, but it turns out there isn’t much from the movie that was included in this first volume. I believe the original is in French, and I read a pretty well done translation on my Kindle. One thing that I did miss was the intelligent viewer, which would take each panel and put it up on the screen solo. I’m guessing that’s something that publishers have to opt into, because I got here was a quarter page view or a full page view.

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