The evil Dire Wraiths have escaped to Earth, but are hounded by a Knight ofthe Solstar Order, the one feared more than all others. He is Rom, theWraith-slayer. Rom, the Spaceknight!

Having followed the Dire Wraithsacross the galaxy, Rom finds they have infiltrated all levels of society, hidingin plain sight. Replacing many humans in key leadership positions, theWraiths’ plan to dominate the planet-and everyone on it-isgaining momentum. But Rom finds resistance from the humans as well, who fear heis just another alien invading Earth. He is joined in the battle by two otherSolstar Knights…but are they here as friends or foes?

Collects all 14issues of the series, the 2017 Annual, and the Rom: Revolutionone-shot.


As mentioned in a previous review, I found this entire series for cheap. There’s some funny business with the IRL character aspects, I think when the character made the jump from Marvel to IDW he lost the name of the planet he was from, as well as the subtitle of “Space Knight”, which is an honest shame, because it’s an awesome subtitle. The story gets moving in fits and starts and feels much like the origin story from the 80’s, but never really gets moving in a direction that I was super happy with, though I do like the new supporting characters. It was sadly canceled with issue 14, though the storyline was wrapped up in a separate mini series with the micronauts, which was satisfying enough to me that I would suggest reading the two series back to back as if they were one.

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