9/13/2020 Weekly Blog

Kawasaki Candy Lime Green 9/13/2020 Weekly Blog

I’ve decided to do a weekly post, usually Sunday nights, normally late in the day after I’ve done my weekly chores and I’ve sat down for the night to watch a movie.  The animated version of Mulan is on right now via Disney+, and dinner is cooking in the kitchen, I believe tonight will be delicious lemon pepper chicken with some veggies.

Why a weekly post? I’ve had a private blog of my own secrets for the last year and a part of that process has been a weekly reminder to do a blog post, which always made me think “why would I be doing a blog post”, then realizing it’s for my own diary.  Turns out that 99% of that private diary isn’t anything that I care to keep private, it’s just for my own purposes and to vent a bit.

Part of the corona lock down and work from home situation has brought a couple new things: a twitch account and home improvements.  The twitch account has been for video games and LEGO (games whenever I feel like it, LEGO every Wednesday at 8pm).  The games have been Borderlands 3 and Horizon Zero Dawn, both of which I want to play more of, but can’t seem to find the time or motivational energy to really get into.  The LEGO happened because I again had another reminder to make a weekly post to my local LEGO user group and had about a dozen sets sitting around waiting to be built, ranging from large ones like Voltron to smaller ones like the Bespin confrontation set.

Next week on the 17th, I turn 40.  Numerically, this is a big one and it’s frustrating that despite my best efforts that time marches on.

If you’d like to get me something to celebrate my birthday, I do have an Amazon Wish List.

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