THE REVOLUTION BEGINS! Explosions rip across the Earth-and all signs of blame point to OPTIMUS PRIME and the TRANSFORMERS! G.I. JOE refuses to go quietly-and they assemble heroes big enough to stop the invaders! ACTION MAN and M.A.S.K. fight for humanity-but where do ROM and the MICRONAUTS stand? Celebrating more than a decade of stories by IDW and HASBRO, this unprecedented event draws everything together-and leaves nothing standing. The REVOLUTION is here-TAKE A STAND! Collects Revolution issues #0-5.

I had this series, as well as the Rom relaunch from IDW, from a sale that a local comic shop had before they eventually went out of business (rip). I remember really enjoying the overly sappy series that Marvel did back in the 80s, so I was happy to get the entire IDW Rom series as well as the IDW Revolution series for extremely cheap. I started with the Revolution series and it was perfectly MEH. Nothing too amazing, nothing too world shattering and I’m not sure I could even recommend it, if not for the pure spectacle of mashing together GI Joe, MASK, Transformers, Action Man, Micronauts, and Rom. The story is pure non-sense and the art is again, just perfectly MEH.

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