A message I sent my sister about a dentist appointment I had today

ok, so first off they called me the day before and told me what to expect when I get there and they asked me all the standard questions of if I knew anyone with colds or corona, if I’ve traveled, loss sense of smell or taste, or had a temperature, all of which I said no to

they asked what car i would be driving and that i should arrive about 10 minutes before my appointment and they would come out to me and that I should not go inside, they no longer have a waiting room

so I got there, they came out, asked me the same questions, then did a temperature check, then walked me back to the chair where the hygenist had already wiped everythign down from the last patient and she was already PPE’d up

front office lady held all the doors for me and didn’t let me touch anything, lol

the dentist already had individual rooms with doors for all their chairs, so each room had a “prescription level air conditioner” which sounds like a marketing thing, but it was moving air around, so whatever it was doing at least it was doing that

then right next to my face she put a large 3 inch tube with a large cone on the end that hooked up to a different filtration system that left the room, so all my breath was going into that instead of up at her face

she had gloves, mask, goggles and the full face mask on, as well as a paper garmet

cleaning was not any different, same as always, I need to bursh and floss more

checking out was the one thing that I think they have room to improve on, I had to touch the credit card machine to pay 

unlike the comic book store that has apple / google pay

then, I had to open the door myself when i was exiting

i have hand sanitizer in my car though, so not the end of the world, just minor inconvenience

Tiki God


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