Among the Wild Cybers

When the line between life and technology blurs, humanity must adjust its understanding of the universe. From bestselling author Christopher L. Bennett comes Among the Wild Cybers, eight tales portraying a future of challenge and conflict, but also of hope born from the courage and idealism of those heroes willing to stand up for what is right. An intrepid naturalist risks her future to save a new form of life that few consider worth saving. An apprentice superhero must stand alone against an insane superintelligence to earn her name. A cybernetic slave fights to save her kind from a liberation not of their choosing. A seasoned diplomat and mother must out-negotiate fearsome alien traders to save a colony’s children. A homicide detective serves in a world where curing death has only made murder more baffling.These and other heroes strive to make their corners of the universe betterno matter how much the odds are stacked against them.Includes the brand-new tale, Aspiring to Be Angels, prequel to the novel Only Superhuman.

I bought this a while ago when it was on sale and jumped right into it without reading the synopsis, so it took me a couple chapters to realize that these stories were all unrelated, but set (sorta) in the same universe but during different epocs. I loved every story, some are stronger than others, but every single one of them is worthy of your time.

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