2019 TGIOKDI Year In Review

2019 was a shitty year filled with absolutely horrible things that happened, I didn’t get into them at all on my personal blog and I definitely didn’t talk about them on Facebook.  I’m not going to talk about them here either.

Despite the bad, there was still good:

  • Read 10 books (way down from 2018’s 37 books?)
  • Finished 13 games (half of 2018’s 27 games)
  • Watched 310 movies, which is about the same that I watched in 2018

I attribute that book count to how many single issues of comics I’ve been reading through but not logging, it seems like a waste to do reviews of individual issues of comics and would rather review the entire storyline, which often doesn’t conclude for months.  I’ve been so scatter brained this year that it’s been difficult to really get into a video game that has a story that lasts longer than 10 or 15 hours.  Movies really hit that sweet spot of me being able to goof off on my laptop while watching an MCU movie for the 15th time or only dedicating 2-3 hours at a time for a brand new movie.

Zeus died in January, which set the tone for the year.  It took me a few weeks to get back on my emotional feet, so in April it was time to test the water again and we fostered a cute kitten named Cybele.  She had a great story and eventually moved on to her forever home in October, which took much longer than I was expecting but oh well, at least she’s survived to tell the tale.

We went to our second Megacon, which was well worth the price of entry of $0.  It was included in the price of the Tampa Megacon that we had gone to the year previous! I ended up with a ton of great books to read, of which I’ve only read about 1/10 of.

I launched a site named pleaselink.me in May, it’s still humming along, just with minimal to no traffic, even on it’s best day.

Something that’s been much more successful is the Tallahassee LEGO User Group that has about 30 members now on facebook, I even got a handy url to use for it: brickdisplayclub.com/

We paid off our couch in July after paying on it for 5 years.  We hate the couch, but do not have the money to get another one of the same size, so we’re going to suffer for a bit.

August brought an absolutely amazing offer from an older Star Trek fan that resulted in me owning a ton of original prints of Trek books and a sizable collection of memorabilia from the early days of the official Trek fan club.

One of my most emotionally satisfying events happened just a few weeks ago when I finally bit the built and replaced the back lid of my laptop, which had broke several months prior due to the manufacturer MSI over tightening the hinge bolts and relying on four tiny tiny screws to hold the entire screen on.  It was nail biting, but I got it all figured out in the end.

In the end I hated 2019 and do not look forward to having a year like it again.

Goals for 2020:

  • be less sad
  • do more things outside of the house
  • drink less beer? this seems like something I should say but I don’t feel like saying it.

Looking at my goals from 2019, I’ve done none of them and have slid backwards on nearly all of them.


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