Donald Trump has been impeached

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The Accusation:

  • President trump held Congressionally approved military aid and used the power of his office to ask a foreign leader to announce an investigation into 2020 Democrat Presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

The Evidence:

  1. The call memorandum – Link to Memorandum
  2. trump’s on-camera confession on the White House lawn that he wanted Ukraine to investigate the Biden’s – Link to Video
  3. Mick Mulvaney’s on-camera confession that there was in fact a quid pro quo. Link to Video
  4. Text messages corroborating that aid was being withheld until the investigation was announced – Text Messages PDF
  5. trump cut anti-corruption funding – Article 1Article 2Article 3
  6. Testimony from career diplomats corroborating that aid was being withheld until the investigation was announced.
    1. Yovanovitch Testimony – – Highlights
    2. Vindman & Williams Testimony – – Highlights
    3. Hills & Holmes Testimony – – Highlights
    4. Sondland Testimony – – Highlights
    5. Taylor & Kent Testimony — Highlights
  7. Ukraine call summary was moved to classified server….by accident – Article 1Article 2Article 3
  8. Neither Republican controlled House nor the White House raised corruption or the Bidens before releasing aid in 2018 – Article 1 , Article 2

The Defense:

  1. The process is unfair: Republicans changed the House rules in 2015 – 2015 ArticleArticle 2Article 3
  2. The aid was released (after they got caught) – August 28: Politico publishes article about aid being on hold. September 9: House launches investigation, September 11: Aid is released – Article with Time LineSeptember 30: End of fiscal year. Defense Dept. had to spend the military aid or lose it. trump did’t have much time. Article
  3. No investigation was announced or started (because they got caught & because the aid was released after they got caught) – Article 1Article 2
  4. The victim, whose country still depends on U.S. aid, says he’s not a victim.
  5. No fact witnesses (blocked by trump) – Article 1Article 2Article 3
  6. No evidence (see above + subpoenas blocked by trump). Article 1Article 2
  7. Democrats wanting to impeach since day one.
  8. The process is going too fast.
  9. We couldn’t question the author of the House Judiciary Committee report.
  10. A republican house member was caught communicating with president’s personal attorney regarding Ukraine.
  11. Ukraine was corrupt (The appropriate channels had cleared Ukraine; 2017 & 2018 aid was released) – Article 1Article 2Article 3
  12. trump was only fighting corruption (let us see his anti-corruption agenda) –
    1. trump rolls back anti-corruption efforts in oil industry – Article
    2. trump wanted to weaken Foreign Corruption Practices Act – Article
    3. trump illegally used charity foundation, pays $2 million – Article
    4. trump sham university, pays $25 million – Article
    5. trump companies accused of tax evasion in Panama – Article
    6. how trump inherited his money – Article
    7. profitable to lenders, less profitable to tax officials – Article
    8. Individual 1 – Article

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