Perfect summary of current Trump situation

The legal system according to Republicans:

A man walks into a bank and walks up to the teller. The teller says “How can I help you?”, the man replies “If you could do me a favour and put a million dollars into this bag, that would be really great” and he hands over a large sac. The teller takes the sac, and since she doesn’t want to start a scene she begins to put money into the sac.

The man then takes out a gun and points it at the teller. She says “What do you want?”

The man says “I want nothing. No robbery. I just want you to do the right thing”. He continues to point the gun at her head.

Another customer sees this and calls the police. They respond very quickly. The man hears the sirens. He puts down the gun and walks out of the bank.

He’s free to go! Why?

  • When he first said he wanted the money, it was just a request.
  • She didn’t even know about the gun at the time of his request! How could it be a robbery?
  • He left without any money! The teller didn’t hand him any money! How can it be a robbery if nothing was robbed?
  • He specifically said “no robbery! He wanted nothing!”
  • Look at his record! He’s been charged with a dozen crimes! People have been trying to put him in jail for years! This is just another crazy scheme to send him to jail.
  • Also, who is this person who called the police? Why hasn’t he been questioned by the police? Sure, we have video of the entire event, but unless we know the motives of the person who started this whole investigation it’s all just a sham!


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