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A cat named Cybele, named after a fertility goddess in Greek and Roman mythology, she personified Mother Earth and was worshiped as the Great Mother of the Gods.  I didn’t name her myself, she’s a foster cat that has a great story and came with the name.

My wife has suggested a few times that she wanted to care for a pregnant cat, to experience the joys of a pregnant cat and to have kitten around for a while.  The best way to do this, and most humane, was to join up with a local animal rescue group ECAH, a great group that takes in both cats and dogs.  I let them know we’d be willing to take a in any expectant mother cats and Cybele was soon given to the group by a local kill shelter, suggesting that she “might” be pregnant.

Turned out that, that she wasn’t with kittens, she was extremely constipated, and after a couple really productive enemas, a couple really good poops, she was a couple pounds lighter, and completely not pregnant.  She’s adorable, fantastic, and a great cat though!  She was a typical kitten, running around at all hours, getting into everything, disappearing at random times in the house, then randomly reappearing.  After we had her for about a month, then noticed that she was slowing down, then eventually over the course of a week, she stopped wanting to move or play at all.

A trip back to the vet determined that during her time in the wild she had been bitten by a tick that infected her with bobcat fever, a disease that’s normally fatal to cats, but not contagious to humans.  The vet that ECAH had a protocol for the disease that ended up saving her life and she made a 99% recovery, that one last 1% is only noticible if you know what to look for, in her case she has some balance issues when she tries to be a super cat and run along chair backs or jump over the other cats.  It’s adoring in a goofy way and really gives her a some personality.

After she made that recovery, she was placed at Fat Cat Cafe, another fabulous organization here in Tallahassee that has a cafe of cats.  They don’t really do food there, but they do have one big room full of cats doing cat things, which includes these giant pillars that go up to the running boards that go across the room, it’s amazing to watch.  Cybele, unfortunately, didn’t acclimate to the place with all the cats running all over the place, so she came back home to us.

It’s been a fun couple months and she’s had an incredibly eventful life for a cat that’s only a few months old.

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