Punisher: The Ghosts of Innocents

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The Punisher’s harassment of the Kingpin finally overrides the amusement value of hiding the man the Punisher wants to kill. The criminal is thrown to Frank Castle, who executes him via train. This does not calm the ghosts.

There’s a couple different ways to portray The Punisher:

1 – He’s a crazy psychopath that had a horrendously traumatic event happen and now he’s a cold blooded murder that schemes and plots to kill the worst people in the world using the most violent and explosive methods possible.
2 – He’s a crazy psychopath that literally sees the ghosts of his family, along with the ghosts of any innocents that get wrapped up in his crusade against anyone that even so much as litters in his line of sight.

This two issue mini series went the second route. It’s not a horrible story, but man I do not like the idea that he’s just running around talking to ghosts and asking them who to kill next.

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