Starlink: Battle For Atlas

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This is your typical Toys to Life game with some really great twists, the greatest being that you don’t have to buy all the plastic toys and can play it completely digitally. It’s gone through some huge price swings, from $75 all the way down to $20. I cannot suggest this game for anything more than $20, it’s just not worth it for much more than that.

After that slight dig and I’ll admit that I bought the base game with the plastic mount, then bought more ships, then bought two more pilots, then went and bought the two exclusives from Target and Gamestop. It’s a damn addictive game with all the standard Ubisoft tropes with multiple types of collectibles or items to document, and much like Black Flag those collectibles are different islands / planets for you to go with random encounters that happen on your way from one to the other.  The transition from the land based combat to the space combat is absolutely fantastic and it never once got old, even after the 50th time I did it.

Much like Black Flag, I really enjoyed the grind and I can really suggest checking it out if you find it cheap enough for it to make sense. The plastic ships are damn fine looking but aren’t necessary to finish the game. Still damn fine to look at on my shelf.

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