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LEGO Marvel Super Heros

I took these screenshots a few years ago, I really enjoyed this game.  They’re not much, but I don’t want to completely delete them from the universe.  


2017 End of Year Comic Book Project

I took the opportunity during the Christmas and NYE holidays to organize, log my collection, then bag and board them and move them mostly over to plastic boxes to replace some older cardboard boxes that were starting to fall apart.  Here’s what my living room looked like in the middle of this project:    I’m happy to report it only took about two weeks to finish up, but now I have my entire collection all squirreled away in my closet again, this time with everything ordered and properly stored.  It looks like I’m going to need to get another 10-15...


Lightup Borg Cube Has Finally Arrived!

  Back in 2013 I started a Star Trek Starship Collection, which had several benefits after 3 and 6 months of subscribing.  The three month benefit was a dedication plaque for one of the Enterprises, the six month was a “light up borg cube”, which they ran out of and I’ve been chasing after them via email ever since. It finally came in though!  Only four year late and incredibly disappointing, it’s a hollow, thin shelled piece of crap from china that takes four AA batteries and no plugin option and the lights look much more impressive in the photo...