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I Finally Built a LEGO Apollo Saturn V

It took  me the better part of two days to put it together and I still don’t have a good place to store it, but I’m happy with the final product, it’s very cool!  Impressive in size, the instructions had never 300 steps broken down into 12 different bags.  There’s an amazing support system on the inside of the rocket, no one will likely every see those piece again, at least until I inevitably drop it some how or my cats get a hold of it. Here’s what LEGO has to say about it: Display and role-play with this majestic...


AMC’s Preordering system is a disaster

Today I bought tickets for Tomb Raider and they printed my Avengers: Infinity War tickets along with them, because I guess I need to hold onto tickets for a full month? This was all after we had to go to three different automated ticket machines because either the touch screens were broken, the printers were broken or the card readers were broken.  I could have gone to the customer service desk, but every time we go to customer support they tell us passive aggressively that we can always choose to use the automated machines.  We really thought it would be quicker...


Last Chance Jessica Jones

I’m going to force myself to watch Jessica Jones Season Two, I remember season one being slow and repetitive and just dumb at some points.   Maybe they’ll clear up what her actual powers are and give her some actual character development this season?