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Actually, one could view the Bill of Rights as our own “Tough Guy Manifesto”, thus: 1) You can’t tell me what to believe, or make me go home and shut up. 2) I’ll go armed and defend myself, thank you. 3) You can’t make me let someone else live in my house. 4) This is MY house; if you can’t demonstrate a compelling need to snoop, stay the fuck out. 5) This is MY shit; keep your greedy hands off it. And don’t go accusing me of Evil without evidence. 6) If you’ve got evidence, lay it on the table....


You So Funny!

05 July 2005 @ 09:21 am A Chinese couple are in bed getting hot & heavy when the husband whispers, “I want sixty nine.” His wife sits up in bed and says, “Whaaa??? Why you want Beef with Broccoli right now?”