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December Halo 5 Pack update

Announcers 3/3 ($10 via Microsoft Rewards) helmet 113/238 armor 109/229 visor 24/63 emblem 129/305 stance 6/27 assassination 12/30 weapon skin 39/140 assault rifle 27/28 battle rifle 32/35 dmr 7/28 Halo 2 battle rifle 0/1 magnum 1/4 smg 15/27 armor mods 9/14 power weapon 91/99 vehicle 66/75 powerup 12/12 465-1291 = 826 Unlocks (2016-11-05) 607-1303 = 696 Unlocks (2016-12-09) 695-1358 = 663 Unlocks left I obviously didn’t keep up with the game, but I’m sorta getting back to it now.


December Halo 5 unlock stats

343 has added a number of new req’s (last night in fact!), so this might look like I’m losing ground, but I’m not, I swear. Announcers 0/3 ($10 to unlock this?  yuck!) helmet 92/229 armor 90/228 visor 23/63 emblem 122/298 stance 5/27 assassination 10/27 weapon skin 28/112 assault rifle 24/28 battle rifle 27/35 dmr 5/28 Halo 2 battle rifle 0/1 magnum 1/4 smg 12/27 armor mods 7/14 power weapon 88/99 vehicle 61/75 powerup 12/12 465-1291 = 826 Unlocks left (previous) 607-1303 = 696 Unlocks left (current) Looks like I’ve managed to unlock about 142 reqs since last update last month. ...


Halo 5 unlock stats

I’ve been feeling like I’m on a treadmill in this game so I figured I’d do some math. As of November 7th, 2016: helmet 61/228 armor 57/228 visor 15/62 emblem 96/297 stance 5/24 assassination 7/27 weapon skin 21/112 assault rifle 19/27 battle rifle 21/34 dmr 5/27 Halo 2 battle rifle 0/1 magnum 1/4 smg 7/26 armor mods 7/14 power weapon 77/96 vehicle 55/72 powerup 11/12 465-1291 = 826 Unlocks left. I’ve been playing firefight exclusively, so I have some where in the neighborhood of (826/2) = 413 matches left. That’s only if they don’t release more unlocks, which I’m sure...

0 thoughts and ideas should be a tinyurl clone, but with some significant improvements.  the url should have public stats indicating click through rates, date of creation, landing url, and user ratings.  Main page of the site should have as it’s main focus, a text box that you can add in urls (much like google, only no search results, just a url in a box below that pops in the new plm url)  perhaps have the top rated today/week/month/all time listed on the front page as well. Must have – behind the scenes link search to see if the url is already in...


Tar Information

LINFO The tar Command   The tar (i.e., tape archive) command is used to convert a group of files into an archive. An archive is a single file that contains any number of individual files plus information to allow them to be restored to their original form by one or more extraction programs. Archives are convenient for storing files as well as for for transmitting data and distributing programs. Moreover, they are very easy to work with, often much more so than dealing with large numbers of individual files. Although tar was originally designed for backups on magnetic tape, it...