Star Trek: Fleet Command

maxresdefault 1024x576 Star Trek: Fleet Command

A mobile game that uses the way overused “timers” method of gaming, in which the players have multiple countdown timers that they manage and get time reduction tokens by completing mundane tasks. As you might imagine, you can purchase an in game currency to in turn purchase those same reduction tokens. It’s all very boring, very repetitive and a complete waste of time. Here’s an ingame screenshot, in it there’s a “winner” countdown with 4 counters inside, a lootbox count down with 3 counters inside, then on the left is a wrench that has the two upgrade countdowns.

47345726 273090183405121 3710850309224923136 o 1024x576 Star Trek: Fleet Command

Here’s the trailer that sold me on trying the game out.

The trailer is a complete lie, at no point is there FPS space combat, it’s all automated and pretty damn boring.

It’s a great trailer though, mad props to studio that made it.

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