2018 TGIOKDI Year In Review

This is a first time thing for me, I’ve never done a year in review on my own personal site before, but I figured with all the books, games, and movies that I’ve been posting about, I might as well do one.

In 2018 I have:

  • Read 37 books
  • Finished 26 games
  • Watched 308 movies

I’m counting the comic books that I listed on the site, they were large enough and of enough importance to make a post, so they’re getting counted.  Obviously a few of the movies were watched more than once (mad max: fury road was watched like 10 times!).

I built some cool LEGO, my kegerator froze over, I had a horrible stomach bug, and Hurricane Michael caused a week long power outage that I survived by using my grill and reading a lot of books.  At the beginning of the year, I dug my comic books out of storage in the closet and re-bagged and boarded them, then just a month or two ago, I completely redid my home office. It has a ton of shelving now, all of which is in use.  Went to MegaCon and met a bunch of celebrities.  There are pictures somewhere.

There’s times where I feel like I don’t do much, but then looking back, there it is.

My plans for the next year:

  • Have kids
  • Make more better money from my side gigs
  • Pay off debt
  • Replace the carpet in my house
  • Unhook myself from all corporately owned social media, I think all I have left is facebook, but I want to save all my content to my own personal website, so that’s going to be a project in of itself.

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