Goodbye Twitter

Goodbye Twitter Goodbye Twitter

RIP Twitter, you never really did figure yourself out.  Today’s “Deactivate Twitter Day“, and it’s pretty easy for me to make the decision to abandon the platform for multiple reasons.

In order of importance:

I don’t use it any more for direct communication or to keep up with friends.

There was a time that I would actively watch for updates from friends and family on twitter, or even maybe an interesting celebrity or two.  No one uses it to tell me about the tacos they’re eating or the experiences they had at local coffee shops, or even really to take pictures of their meals (of tacos).  That’s all moved to facebook where it’s safely ignored.


The “feed” is usually backwards from what I expect things to be ordered in.

Twitter limits you to a certain number of characters in your posts, in theory this is to make your microblogging to be concise and to the point.  What ended up happening 1/3

Though is that people would just split up larger posts into multiple posts with some 2/3

Weird made up formatting that would completely look wrong and nearly unreadable when you’re reading it through the website 3/3


It’s impossible to write anything of substance.

Because of the limitations of the post sizes, the way Twitter has chosen to display those and the way interactions are displayed on twitter, the best you’re going to get is drive by comments that have little to no substance to them, and definitely do not open up conversations.  Witty / horrible comments are actively rewarded on Twitter, so if you post about how much you like your bagel, it’s a 50/50 chance you’ll get a combination of the two.


It’s impossible to block everyone that acts like an ass hat on Twitter.

If a user with hundreds of thousands of followers sees that you just made an off color joke at someone else’s expense and they tell their legion about it, you’re going to get overwhelmed by the Direct Messages, replies, retweets, and general sense of hate.  This happened to Wil Wheaton, someone with enough twitter clout that I would have assumed he would have access to some super secret hidden UI that would permit him to just silence everyone based on precognitive predictions, but alas, even he was made a victim by an even bigger player in the Tweetverse.


The system behind the scenes is a nightmare of a mess.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve tried to delete my personal twitter.  Back in March I tried deleting it, but since I had two factor authentication turned on, Twitter did not have the ability to sent me emails.  Emails that I needed to get if I was going to get a copy of all my tweets and tweeter images, something that I should have backed up long ago.  I had to actively turn off two factor authentication in order to get the backups, then and only then was I able to actually delete the account.  I never tried to get verified, but reports suggest that process is a nightmare as well.


Bad actors are using it to their benefit, with the knowledge of Twitter, possibly even with their support.

President* Donald Trump and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones are both at the top of the list of horrible human beings that are active on the platform and are actively supported by Twitter, but they’re really just the most visible.  There’s thousands of other people on Twitter chiming in with their two cent opinions that should really never have access to the internet in the first place.  There’s no barrier to entry and no real verifications nor policing of it’s membership, so 10 year olds are interacting with pedophiles, rapists are stalking their past and future victims, and politics is enjoying an orgy of disinformation and bad faith actors across the board.  The internet is a wild and crazy place and Twitter is right at the heart of most of the bad things that are currently effecting both our country and our world.


In the end, nothing of value is being lost to me, nor to Twitter itself by me leaving the platform.  No one really cares about my personal account, and as I’ve mentioned, even I didn’t care about it anymore.  All I can hope for is that Twitter will see a large number of people dropping out and think about making honest changes.  Mind you, 90% of my complaints about Twitter can be said about Facebook, so that’s up next on my list of things i’m considering dropping out of or changing my use habits.


DkWua6jW4AEAEHg 1024x489 Goodbye Twitter

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