AMC’s Preordering system is a disaster

Today I bought tickets for Tomb Raider and they printed my Avengers: Infinity War tickets along with them, because I guess I need to hold onto tickets for a full month? This was all after we had to go to three different automated ticket machines because either the touch screens were broken, the printers were broken or the card readers were broken.  I could have gone to the customer service desk, but every time we go to customer support they tell us passive aggressively that we can always choose to use the automated machines.  We really thought it would be quicker to use the robots, Guess who was wrong!  Then, when I complained to the ticket ripper, he just said “well you preordered them, that’s how it works.”

Man I was steamed.  The response made me angrier. I emailed AMC and got back a stupid form reply and feel like they just don’t give a flip about me as a customer. I can nearly guarantee that I won’t get a real reply back to them, I have no faith in them now.

Tiki God


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