Warp Warp

Zero was living the good life as the cutest orange alien on this side of the galaxy. Then, without warning, he was abducted by a villainous General and taken to an underwater research facility. Now it’s up to Zero to prove he’s as deadly as he is cuddly. Plan his ultimate escape in the Warp PC download.

Congratulations, you just got more story than I did in the entire game. The tone of this was all over the place, with a cute little space guy that’s murdering humans by warping into them and shaking around, exploding guts and limbs all over the room. The humans are goofy scientists that remind me of the scientists from Splosion Man. The puzzles in the game are also all over the place in terms of complexity, there were a few that required timing that I couldn’t nail without trying it 10 or 15 times.

Then, the final battle has it’s own tone that’s completely separate from the rest of the game, and requires memorization of attack points and pin point timing. It only took me about 70 tries to beat the boss (yes. really.) and then I was awarded with a final cut scene of Warpie killing four people without explanation of anything.

I enjoyed everything right up to the end, that was horrible.

Also, this was another game that’s been hanging around my queue for a while, purchased back in 2012 for $4.99, I owned it on both Steam and on Origin. I remember playing it a bit back in the day but getting really damn confused by some of the mechanics, this really isn’t a good game to play while drinking!

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