State of Union Stream of Consciousness thread!

QikoL9D State of Union Stream of Consciousness thread!

Adam Selvidge DJT already sounds tired, like really tired. Is he going to make it through this speech?

Adam Selvidge 5 time draft dodger thanks military member who did an amazing job at saving people during one the hurricanes that hit us in 2017

Adam Selvidge I had forgotten about that crazy guy that ran onto the baseball field and shot the place up, I’m surprised that he’s bringing that up considering what the reaction was to it at the time by his administration (do nothing, send thoughts and prayers)

Adam Selvidge 2.4 million news jobs, but he’s not going to mention the quality of those jobs. and now he’s taking credit for the hard work of unions and community organizers for increases in pay and low minority unemployment

Adam Selvidge I’m not clear on how this new tax system is going to be any less broken than the last tax system. we’re still having to do the government’s job for them (they already know what we should pay)

Adam Selvidge he’s saying that he repealed the individual mandate?

Adam Selvidge he’s making a lot of very broad claims here that I’m not able to really comment on, though I’m not sure if he’s aware that the stock market doing so great isn’t putting a whole lot of money into people’s pockets

Adam Selvidge “in god we trust” certainly isn’t my motto, I wonder why he’s going the same route that ISIS did?

Adam Selvidge Yes, I’m sure that young boy had the idea all by himself (eyeroll)

Adam Selvidge Is DJT aware that we are not required to salute the flag or say the pledge?

Adam Selvidge DJT touting judge appointments is hilarious in face of the news that nearly 1/3 of the positions he’s supposed to have appointed by now have no nominees. Adam Selvidge There is no such god damned thing as “beautiful clean coal”

Adam Selvidge There’s a certain amount of ignorance to take credit for the revival of the American car industry, and I guess DJT has it.

Adam Selvidge “people who have no hope should be given false hope and the opportunity to die a painful death with untested and unethical treatments instead of going to shithole countries”

Adam Selvidge Trump wants cheaper drugs. is he willing to nationalize the pharmaceutical industry to make his promises happen? or even pass legislation to pay lipservice to this weird idea?

Adam Selvidge Trump wants to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, which is a fantastic idea. wonder how he’s going to pay for that. Taxes?

Adam Selvidge I’m intentionally misunderstanding him, but did he just suggest we make the poor people pay for their own improvements?

Adam Selvidge Reformed inmates getting a second chance at life is going to be a constitutional vote in Florida this year, be sure to turn out and vote for it!

Adam Selvidge Pretty sickening that trump paraded out a family that suffered so much pain and horror in their lifes. Has any other president used families in their positions as political props?

Adam Selvidge Trumps just said he’s willing to offer a path to “citizenship” like it’s this weird foreign concept that he just came up with “ok guys, here’s a crazy idea, people that came here as babies shouldn’t be kicked out of our country. maybe.”

Adam Selvidge I think nancy pelosi’s about to start throwing shoes at the comment about how we pay no attention to incoming immigrants in regards to safety to the US. wtf

Adam Selvidge he’s worried about “drug eddiction” is that some kind of computer virus? a twitter reference perhaps?

Adam Selvidge LMAO, the lady that he just pointed to was actively nursing her baby, she got covered up and ready for prime time in record time!

Adam Selvidge wait, did trump just say they adopted the baby she was nursing? maybe i’m confusing things?

Adam Selvidge Trump is now calling for us to make new nuclear weapons. what in the fuck?

Adam Selvidge Referencing a “magical moment” when countries would get rid of their nukes. It took Reagan MONTHS of negotiations to get the START treaty in motion, then years of monitoring and mutual understanding to reduce our I doubt he has that kind of ability. only our elected leaders have that kind of ability

Adam Selvidge “terrorists aren’t just criminals, they’re unlawful enemy combatants” is he going to explain what that means?

Adam Selvidge jesus, he’s saying that we should keep people in prison without a trial or evidence of wrong doing.

Adam Selvidge “new rules of engagement” clapping…”we’re not going to share information with the governments that we’re operating in and will act on shaky instelligence”

Adam Selvidge TJD, who has famously threatened nuclear war with North Korea, says that other Presidents haven’t done the right thing with NK.

Adam Selvidge Hilarious that he keeps clapping for himself. I wonder if he does that while he’s in the oval office?

Adam Selvidge Now there’s a USA chant going on in the room. I feel like trump likely brought in some of the fluffer team he’s used at his other political rallies.

Adam Selvidge I do wonder if DJT knows how much normal americans hate that MAGA saying.

Adam Selvidge He said some pretty words that we know are hollow and filled with untruths and racist venom. I’m going to turn on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and see if I can laugh at this guy.

oNX9tccp 400x400 State of Union Stream of Consciousness thread!

No mention of Russia, no mention of Fire & Fury, no more mention of Afganistan other than saying we’re going to keep going.   Oh and no mention of the constitutional crisis that the government is in in light of the fact he’s refusing to faithfully enact legislation in regards to Russian interference in the 2017 election.

What a loser.

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