The title of “The Chi”

I’m not going to watch this show, it doesn’t look like it’s up my alley, but the title of it is driving me insane.  They’ve named it “The Chi”, which to me looks like a sequel to Iron Fist or maybe the Legend of Kung Fu.  The way that everyone being interviewed about it though is “The Shy”, which after about 20 minutes of discussions with some work buddies, we’ve determined there’s actually punctuation for, though it’s very difficult to type using a standard US keyboard.  I present to you, the “way too much time was spent on this trivia”:

“The Chī”.  it’s just a macron over the lowercase I, which is unicode character u-12b.  I’m pretty sure there’s a way to denote that the “ch” is a “shhh” sound, but I’m giving up on this project before I turn into an English major somehow.


My point is: the name of the show is dumb and too confusing for simple minded kung-fu fans like me.

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