2017 End of Year Comic Book Project

I took the opportunity during the Christmas and NYE holidays to organize, log my collection, then bag and board them and move them mostly over to plastic boxes to replace some older cardboard boxes that were starting to fall apart.  Here’s what my living room looked like in the middle of this project: 2017 12 30 11.25.24 1024x576 2017 End of Year Comic Book Project


I’m happy to report it only took about two weeks to finish up, but now I have my entire collection all squirreled away in my closet again, this time with everything ordered and properly stored.  It looks like I’m going to need to get another 10-15 of these plastic boxes, as they’re only 20 inches long, normal long boxes are 26 inches and those six inches of missing length really made a difference with a collection of this volume.  Mind you, it’s 99% comics from the 80s and 90s that were over printed and are worth nearly nothing in the long run, but it’s nice to look over all the books and remember the great stories that were told.


2017 12 31 00.46.33 1024x576 2017 End of Year Comic Book Project 2017 12 31 00.46.40 1024x576 2017 End of Year Comic Book Project

Additionally, I’ve decided that I’m going to take a dive into the $1 bins when I have the opportunity to and fill out my superman “shield” collection, during the 90s, very superman series was done by different creative teams, but they were all handling a single story that went from book to book.  The only way to see which book came next in the story was to check out the cover to see what the shield number was.  It was a great concept that worked only if you were buying everything that DC put out with that shield icon, which obligated you to buy at least 50 Superman books a year, often much more if you wanted to get the cross overs that went over to the Superfamily or Batfamily books.

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