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Build railways, manage traffic and stay accident-free. Play in Europe, America, Japan and USSR in 1830-2020. Complete the story mode from the Gold Rush of 1849 to the first manned spaceflight, and then explore the random mode. Management. Construction. Trains. Welcome to Train Valley!

I was interested in playing a good train puzzle simulator, but this isn’t it, the music is wrong for the tone of the game design. The game design is great, but the game mechanics are rubbish. I spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out the very first loading area, but for the life of me I couldn’t get the train tracks to go the direction I wanted them to go in, or to join up with the other tracks the way you’d assume they would, with everything turning into cross junctions instead of merges.

I don’t think I spent much money on this, it was a part of a monthly humble bundle, but i still feel like I wasted something. Maybe about 30 minutes of my life? I’d give this one a hard pass.

That being said, any suggestions on a good train puzzle simulator?

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