Omega Sub 1-3

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This book series is about a futuristic submarine filled to the brim with the manliest men that all men wish they could be and all women would give anything to be with. It’s your typical early 90’s post apocalyptic story with every character acting as some form of Mary Sue, which was great for teenage me.   I read the first couple books back in my youth when they were first coming out and lost track of the series, which unfortunately there were only six books written.  According to GoodReads, JD Cameron is a pseudonym used by Michael Jahn with David Robbins, neither of whom I’m familiar with. By any measure, these are not high brow stories, following a submarine crew after a nuclear apocalypse, they’re still incredibly entertaining. I bought them all on amazon on the cheap, then stacked them up on my dresser and promptly forgot about them. Found them while i was cleaning over the last weekend and remembered that I needed to get to them.

I should point out that there was a show named Last Resort that mimicked the same very basic plotline of submariners and a nuclear war. It starred the absolutely fantastic Andre Braugher, who was the only reason I gave Brooklyn Nine Nine even a moment’s chance, and the end of that show was when I bought the books, so they’ve been sitting for a while now.

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